On: May 8, 2017 In: News Releases

At Vistamatic, we are committed to being at the forefront of privacy and observation for healthcare environments, and came across this very interesting article (http://bit.ly/2prN1IR) recently which we wanted to share. The focus is on the safety of mental health patients, staff, and visitors while proving a therapeutic and healing environment. It says:

“Patients must be provided surroundings that are welcoming, relaxing, and comfortable, and not make them think they are being punished for being ill. Overemphasis on or an unbalanced approach to safety can result in very prisonlike (and likely therapeutically deleterious) environments for patients and is contrary to the current trend toward more home-like built environments in all healthcare settings, and especially those built environments for the treatment of behavioral health patients.”

We recently launched VistaArt privacy glass solutions with very individual creative designs to offer a tranquil and pleasing aesthetic for mentalhealth patients. In addition, we launched VistaCloud which expands our privacy glass product portfolio with stylish new curved designs which not only provides for discrete monitoring and interaction with patients, but also provides a soothing aesthetic for patients wellbeing.

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