On: May 15, 2017 In: News Releases

At Vistamatic and BetweenGlassBlinds, mitigating the risk of infection is the top priority when designing and manufacturing of our privacy glass solutions. More and more we are seeing healthcare professionals speaking out about the importance of managing infection control in facilities and we wanted to share this article published online (http://bit.ly/2pNwteL) discussing managing infection control in care homes.

It says: “Managing infection control in care homes isn’t just best practice: it’s also the law. Under Regulation 15 of the Health and Social Care Act, it is a legal requirement for all care and nursing homes to be clean, suitable for purpose and properly maintained. This includes maintaining the high standards of hygiene that are expected, in order to manage infection control.

“Preventing the spread of infection in care homes largely comes down to knowledge about hygiene practices, and a commitment to put those practices into action. It’s also vital that care staff understand what leads to infection, so they can effectively implement these policies. The latest government guidelines make it clear that hygiene is of the utmost importance for care homes, and the standard of hygiene in any care home will be reflected in its CQC rating. Stopping the spread of infection in your care home should be of the highest priority for all members of staff, so read on below to find out what you can do to manage infection control.”

Our vision panels have a non-porous surface, are maintenance-free, mitigate the spread infection and meet all clinic infection controls. In addition, our panels include our proprietary handles which allow for elbow operation for enhanced infection control.

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