On: October 24, 2020 In: News Releases

Leader in privacy glass in health facilities with a major addition to their efforts

VISTAMATIC® panels have been installed in hundreds of hospitals, medical facilities, high security environments, corporations and universities across the world for over 40 years.   Now we have added one more extremely important option to our offerings.

We are pleased to announce that a fully tested Anti-Microbial coating is now available for adding to our propriety lever mechanism options.  This addition adds an extra layer of health and welfare protection and peace of mind.

“Being that one of our main user bases are hospitals and health care, being able to add an Anti-Microbial coating is extremely important,” said Kevin Roth, Chief Executive Officer, Privacy Glass Solutions. “But during these times we are seeing applications in all segments that want to have as much germ and fungal protection as possible.  Our coating answers this need and we are proud to be able to implement it into our daily range of product offerings.”

Privacy Glass Solutions Anti-Microbial coating has undergone significant testing to ensure its effectiveness.  Like every product that comes through the operation at Privacy Glass Solutions, only the highest levels of quality control are used and only the best products are shipped for installation.

The VISTAMATIC panels come in several different options and have multiple options for the lever mechanism.  In addition, there are numerous choices in glass style and virtually unlimited options on potential color, image, or design.

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