Elegant and Effortless

Our wireless motorized blinds are controlled via a rechargeable lithium battery pack. This can be attached magnetically to either the glass surface or the frame.

With our sleek design, installation is quick and easy, with no electrician needed and no unsightly wires to spot. The blinds can be operated via buttons on the battery pack, or at a distance with a remote control. For the ultimate in easy usability, the blinds can be controlled individually or in groups of up to 3.

These blinds are available with the full lifting operation at a simple touch. Holding down the button operates the tilt function, allowing you to decide your perfect shading position.

The BetweenGlassBlinds Motorized blinds are ideal for both doors and walls and are available in a wide variety of glazing choices. (Please note, width and height restrictions can apply and there are certain glazing restrictions on larger units.) These blinds are available in Silver and White only.

The panels are available in customized sizes up to 40 square feet.

BetweenGlassBlinds standard construction consists of two 5/32” tempered sheets of glass with an 11/16” air cavity, for a total thickness of 1-1/16”.

Customization Options for Motorized Blinds

  • Lead
  • Fire Rated
  • Polycarbonate*
  • Bullet Resistant
  • Laminated
  • Tempered Glass
  • Laser Polymer*
  • Impact
  • Low E
  • Ligature-free Knob

*restrictions may apply

White and Silver Only

Customized sizes up to 40 square feet

BetweenGlassBlinds™ manufactures and supplies hollow metal framing cut to your specifications with your BetweenGlassBlinds™ Integral Blind Panel.

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Tilt Only

Tilt & Lift