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Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas, is the flagship of Parkland Health & Hospital System and serves as Dallas County’s public hospital. Steeped in tradition and local history, Parkland Memorial Hospital originally opened in 1894 in a wooden building, and was later replaced by a brick construction in 1913,...

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Rutland Regional Medical Center is Vermont’s second largest hospital and are committed to providing patients, families and the community with exceptional medical care in a warm and caring environment. Their vision is “To be the Best Community Healthcare System in New England.” Designed by Lavallee Brensinger Architects, Rutland Regional features VISTAMATIC’s Privacy...

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Article is attributed to the original article written in www.ParklandHospital.com. In the New Parkland Hospital, each patient room has a window that looks out into the hallway. Technically, these windows are called vision panels. The windows create an added sight line for patients and staff. The vision panels are...

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The monumental project of $1.3 billion, covering 4 million square-feet at the New Parkland Hospital Campus in Dallas, Texas is 98% complete on the Acute Care Hospital building according to a top construction official. With over 2,000 VISTAMATIC® Vision Panels installed at the New Parkland Hospital, VISTAMATIC® was looking forward to...

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