On: July 28, 2017 In: News Releases

At Vistamatic, BetweenGlassBlinds and Clarity, we work diligently to remain at the front of the healthcare industry and are always seeking out input from industry experts. In this article, recently published in Healthcare Design Magazine (http://bit.ly/2qJu597), penned by Scott Rawlings, director of healthcare and leader of HOK’s regional healthcare practice in Washington, D.C.,...

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On: September 11, 2014 In: Tips and Information

The term, ‘Privacy glass’ is referred to by many names such as smart glass, switchable glass, e-glass, integral blinds, non-electric privacy glass or privacy glass windows, however the purpose of privacy glass is virtually the same throughout many industries. In healthcare environments, privacy glass in its most basic form, is to...

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