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Coral Springs, Florida – March 2016: VISTAMATIC, the pioneer in integral shading and privacy solutions, announces a supply agreement with ODL, Inc., a leading building products supplier of decorative, clear glass and entry treatments, to expand their line of products, solutions and innovation for the healthcare and commercial construction sectors.

The agreement, which strengthens the value proposition of VISTAMATIC products, includes product development, manufacturing and fabrication of BetweenGlassBlinds integral shading solutions for application in commercial and healthcare settings where privacy and infection control are of the highest priority.

“VISTAMATIC has a solid reputation in healthcare and institutional markets, largely on the back of the VISTAMATIC Vision Panel. Experience in customized blinds is recognized as one of their core strengths,” said Anthony Gollan, vice president and general manager ODL China. “We are delighted to support VISTAMATIC’S product range, reliability and future growth in the Healthcare and Commercial Sectors.”

Between 2016 and 2020, the USA healthcare industry will invest $4 trillion; infrastructure (bricks, mortar, glass and steel, etc.) accounts for approximately $250 billion*.  As the population ages, the need for infrastructure will explode.  Patient centered design, innovation and functionality of the healthcare space can be serviced by the range of ODL products and VISTAMATIC products.

“It is fantastic news that VISTAMATIC has chosen ODL to supply blind kits and work closely on new products and solutions for the healthcare and commercial construction sector,” said Jeffrey Mulder, chief executive officer of ODL. “For over 70 years ODL has been the industry leader in residential insulated glass products.  As the economy begins to grow, and investment in the commercial sector addresses our health, business and lifestyle needs, I look forward to the opportunities to add value through innovation, customer service and solid cooperation with customers like VISTAMATIC.”

Kevin Roth, chief executive officer and managing partner of VISTAMATIC said: “VISTAMATIC has long been the go-to company for privacy glass solutions. This agreement enables us to expand our portfolio and supply clients with superior products with a less expensive price tag. We are delighted to align with one of the most established and renowned innovators in our industry that, interestingly, founded their business in the same way as VISTAMATIC: In a garage some decades ago utilizing the most forward-thinking and creative minds.”

*Source: Bain & Co. report.  http://www.bain.com/Images/BAIN_BRIEF_8MacroTrends.pdf


VISTAMATIC is the pioneer in privacy glass solutions since 1988 used in hundreds of hospitals, medical facilities, high security environments, corporations and universities across the world. Using the same high quality manufacturing process as VISTAMATIC Vision Panels, BetweenGlassBlinds by VISTAMATIC is designed to replace a standard integral blind with a modern and maintenance-free privacy window.





About ODL

With corporate headquarters in Zeeland, Michigan, ODL was founded in 1945. Some 70 years later, the company manufactures a variety of products, including decorative and clear doorglass, enclosed blinds, retractable screens, tubular skylights and doorglass frames, most notably the TriSYS® doorglass frame — all products designed to build value into the home and workplace. Products are manufactured or distributed in Zeeland; Atlanta; Dallas; Gallatin, Tennessee; Reno, Nevada; Allentown, Pennsylvania; Matamoros, Mexico; Toronto and Calgary, Canada; Shanghai, China, and the United Kingdom. ODL products are sold through building material dealers and home center retailers worldwide.



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