Streamlined Supervision

The VISTA-Max-XL is specifically designed for long and narrow placements and incorporates all the benefits of the standard VISTA-Max panels. Streamlined and aesthetically pleasing, with an easy-to-use handle location, the VISTA-Max-XL dispenses with the need to install two individual panels vertically into a door blank. It allows discreet observation through the upper area of the panel.

VISTA-Max-XL comes standard with 1” horizontal banded lines. The bands offer an enhanced viewing area and significantly reduce the likelihood of blind spots within the area being observed.

As with all Vistamatic products, the triple glazed system consists of three sheets of glass with evenly spaced, alternating horizontal lines, which are operated using our innovative IAS (Impact Absorption System) damper. This soft-closing damping system ensures panels close with a minimum of effort and noise. This is especially effective on the larger VISTA-Max-XL panels and where observation is needed throughout the night.

When the lever on the damper is turned, the inner sheet of glass moves up and down to enable observation and, by turning the lever back, vision is obscured. In the closed position the panel presents itself with a completely obscured viewing aspect, while in the open position the lines move across the screen, presenting viewing of approximately 1” between each one.

VISTA-Max-XL, proudly made in the USA, is designed for discreet and secure observation while maintaining a stylish and contemporary appearance.

VISTA-Max-XL is available in a wide variety of glazing, hardware, and design options, and in customized sizes up to 40″ X 80″.

Control Options

Ligature Free Knob
Key Locking
Slim Line

*All handles are available with optional anti-microbial coatings

Glazing/Glass Options
  • Tempered
  • Laminated
  • Fire Rated
  • Laser Polymer*
  • Polycarbonate*
  • Buller-Resistant
  • Lead (Safety/Non-Safety available)

*Restrictions May Apply