No Strings Attached

Stylish and sophisticated, our totally cordless Tilt & Lift system is operated via sliding magnetic blocks. These simple-to-use and unobtrusive controls are located around the perimeter of the unit with the full lifting operation happening in one slick and easy motion. The tilt function allows you to set the privacy and shading to your specifications.

Our units allow you to choose from a full range of glazing options including low E, fire rated and bullet resistant. (Please note, width and height restrictions can apply. All units over xxx high and xx wide are available as Tilt Only and certain glazing restrictions will apply on larger units.)

Our standard units are 1.1” thick when glazed, with .15” glass either side of the .78” spacer bar.

Tilt and Lift Single Side 360


    Tilt and Lift Dual Side 360


      Customization Options for the Tilt & Lift panel

      • Lead
      • Fire Rated
      • Polycarbonate*
      • Bullet Resistant
      • Laminated
      • Tempered Glass
      • Laser Polymer*
      • Impact
      • Low E
      • Ligature-free Knob

      *restrictions may apply

      * *Restrictions may apply. RAL numbers listed are an approximate match – there may be slight variations. Please confirm before ordering.

      BetweenGlassBlinds™ manufactures and supplies hollow metal framing cut to your specifications with your BetweenGlassBlinds™ Integral Blind Panel.

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