Specialty Options

Vista-max in healthcare


Adding Practicality to Quality

The VISTA-NOTE adds a note writing functionality to the original VISTA-Max, taking its usability to the next level. Great for healthcare settings, it can be used with any dry erase markers.

With the same large viewing aspect and full length alternating lines as the original, the VISTA-Note is ideal for privacy controls in doors where instant patient information is vital.


Creating Unique Enviroments

Science has proven that color can play a part in creating an exciting or calming influence within an environment, and that’s what VISTA-Art provides.

With our VISTA-Art vision panels, any type of custom graphics can be applied to a project, from soothing or colorful designs to logos and brand identity. We can create visuals that can transform the aesthetics of an environment while maintaining the privacy and observation controls needed.


The Sky’s the Limit

Vista-Cloud increases the aesthetic appeal of our standard Vistamatic panels by incorporating alternating curved lines to the design. It contains the same large viewing aspect and full length lines as the original VISTA-Max but allows for a unique style to complement the privacy controls in doors and walls.


Under the Cloak of Darkness

Bright lights can affect patient rest and recuperation. The VISTA-Blackout vision panel combats this problem by creating solid lines designed to block out light while still allowing for necessary observation.