About DecoColor

Imagine a world of color and depth applied to surfaces surrounding you. DecoColor is limitless in its applications and designs. There is no standard, there is no starting point, only the beautiful end result. We transform those blank canvases from boring to exquisite. With DecoColor you can achieve this world.

DecoColor is ideal for adding interest to any interior design project. We’ll help you integrate perfectly color-matched panels with your design’s other architectural elements. With a limitless palette at your disposal, we create or match any color scheme your client requires. Create one-of-a-kind, streamlined environments where you define exactly how you want the panels cut, shaped and painted.

DecoColor Digital is digitally printed to the highest standards directly onto the glass. We color match to RAL for all our digitally printed applications. Refer to DecoPrint for more indepth knowledge of the digital printing process.

Combine DecoColor with DecoPrint to create your own distinctive style for your finished space.


  • DecoColor Digital maximum size of 122″ x 78″
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Take a peak at some of our various samples of Deco Glass. With eleven high quality designs, use these samples for project design or to spark ideas and jump start your project.

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