Under The Cloak of Darkness

When closed, the range of Vistamatic vision panels obscure images and ensure privacy with sandblasted lines that allow light to pass through. However, in some situations, the bright lights of a hospital corridor or care home can affect the rest and recuperation of the patient inside.

The VISTA-Blackout combats this problem by creating solid alternating lines designed to block out the light.

The viewing aspect remains the same while the panel is open, but when closed, 97-98% of light will be filtered out, allowing for greater comfort inside the room.

This Blackout option is available throughout the range and is perfect for patient bedrooms, laboratories and photographic environments.

Customization Options for VISTA-Blackout

  • Lead – Safety/Non-safety available
  • Fire Rated – Up to 90 minutes
  • Polycarbonate*
  • Bullet Resistant – Protection levels 1-8 available
  • Laminated – Different thicknesses available
  • Tempered Glass – Different thicknesses available
  • Laser Polymer*

*restrictions may apply


Ligature Free Knob
Available for sizes up to 2.25 Sq. Ft*

Key Locking
Available for sizes up to 2.25 Sq. Ft*

Slim Line
Ideal for ICU Sliding Doors

*restrictions may apply

  • Sandblast
  • Vinyl – Can match any RAL Color
  • Artwork (licensed or royalty-free)

*restrictions may apply

  • Customized sizes available

*restrictions may apply

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