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About Digitally Printed Glass

Digitally print in high definition direct to glass with our DecoPrint services. Digital glass printing can be used for almost any application where photos, patterns, or texts are required on a glass surface. Choose printed glass for light enhancing imaged windows or privacy partitions. Choose between different levels of opacity and density to achieve the perfect effect.

With a full color spectrum and high resolution results, we can print vibrant images and designs onto glass up to 122″ x 78″.

We print utilizing UV inks, the most reliable and consistent ink available. Ultra violet curing is a green technology that uses a photomechanical process to instantly dry ink after printing. This means that you can print on virtually any type of non absorbing material including glass, wood, metal, vinyl materials, and more. With UV curable ink, the ink isn’t absorbed by the material so there’s no smudging and no need for additional costly coatings.

Another great thing about UV cured inks is that they are weather-resistant and are not prone to fading. There are no solvents, no evaporation and it’s a low temperature process. Basically, the exposure to UV energy triggers a chemical reaction and causes the ink to instantly harden and is a much better alternative to solvent-based ink products

Our process starts with the glass being cut, polished, and cleaned. Next, a primer is applied to ensure the inks adhere properly. It is then cleaned again before heading to the printer. The specialized digital glass printer prints the image onto the glass surface using UV inks. At the same time the ink is applied a coat of varnish is applied to aid in scratch resistance. The ink is dried with an inline UV light to complete the process.

The final product is now ready to be shipped, installed and enjoyed.

  • Print up to 122″ x 78″
  • Printed with UV Inks for better adhesion, great abrasion resistance and super consistency in color
  • No VOC emissions from the printing process
  • Inks immediately dried by rays of UV light, and thus ready for immediate handling
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