Allowing for Scope

The VISTA-Slide is specifically designed for those larger spaces where the original VistaMax isn’t viable. With one continuous vision panel that operates by moving vertical lines side to side rather than up and down, the VISTA-Slide can be customised in sizes up 80”x 48” or 26 Sq.Ft.

In the closed position the panel presents itself with a completely obscured viewing aspect, while in the open position the lines move across the screen, presenting viewing of approximately 1” between each one.

The VISTA-Slide is available in a wide variety of glazing, hardware, and design options.

Customization Options for the VISTA-Slide™

  • Lead – Safety/Non-safety available
  • Fire Rated – Up to 90 minutes
  • Polycarbonate*
  • Bullet Resistant – Protection levels 1-8 available
  • Laminated – Different thicknesses available
  • Tempered Glass – Different thicknesses available
  • Laser Polymer*

*restrictions may apply


Ligature Free Knob
Available for sizes up to 2.5 Sq. Ft*

Key Locking
Available for sizes up to 2.5 Sq. Ft*

Slim Line
Ideal for ICU Sliding Doors

*restrictions may apply

  • Sandblast
  • Vinyl – Can match any RAL Color
  • Artwork (licensed or royalty-free)

*restrictions may apply

  • Customized sizes available
  • Maximum size is 80″ X 48″ or 26 Sq. Ft*

*restrictions may apply

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