Experience a New Era of Convenience and Comfort

An Innovative Hand-Gesture Controlled Switchable Glass

Are you tired of traditional curtains and blinds? Looking for a cutting-edge solution that offers instant privacy and light control? Look no further! Clarity WAVE Switchable Glass is here to revolutionize your living and working spaces. With the simple wave of your hand, you can transform clear glass into an opaque screen, providing you with the privacy and comfort you desire. 


Gesture-Activated Technology – Say goodbye to the hassle of cords and manual blinds. Clarity WAVE Switchable Glass uses advanced sensors to detect hand gestures, making it effortless to switch between transparent and opaque modes. 

Instant Privacy – Transform your windows, doors, or partitions into an opaque surface within seconds, ensuring your privacy whenever you need it. 

Reduced Contact: The touchless control eliminates the need for direct physical contact with the switch, reducing the risk of spreading germs. 

Easy To Clean: The hand wave sensor is designed to be smooth and easy to clean. Minimal maintenance and easy cleaning ensure that Clarity WAVE remains a hassle-free addition to your space. 

Customizable: Clarity WAVE can be tailored to fit any glass surface, making it suitable for a wide range of residential, commercial, and institutional applications. Add a touch of design to your panel with a digitally printed image as well. 

Convenience: The Clarity WAVE offers convenience, especially in situations where your hands might be occupied or dirty. 

Enhanced Security: In opaque mode, Clarity WAVE adds an extra layer of security by obscuring the view from the outside, adding peace o fmind to your home or office. 

Wave Controller 3

Easy To Operate

Clarity WAVE Switchable Glass applies an electrial charge to the glass, changing its state from opaque to clear. WAVE it OFF and it returns from clear to opaque instantaneously. 

While transparent, you enjoy the uninterrupted views from your window or door, then when privacy is needed, the frosted state acts just like a blind, providing seclusion and security. 


Clarity can be supplied in either single pane form or as a double glazed sealed unit. When double glazed, it also offers the benefits of improved thermal performance, offering greater control and comfort within any room. 


Residential: Enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your home, from bathroom privacy to open-concept living spaces. 

Commercial: Elevate your workspace with modern and innovative glass partitions, windows, and doors. 

Retail: Showcase your products while maintaining a sleek and interactive storefront. 

Healthcare: Promote a germ-free environment with the touchless control in healthcare facilities while maintaining an open and welcoming atmosphere. 

Hospitality: Create unique and memorable guest experiences in hotels, restaurants, and bars.