On: October 24, 2020 In: News Releases

Leader in privacy glass in health facilities with a major addition to their efforts VISTAMATIC® panels have been installed in hundreds of hospitals, medical facilities, high security environments, corporations and universities across the world for over 40 years.   Now we have added one more extremely important option to our...

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On: September 26, 2020 In: News Releases

Specialty Glass Expansion Fuels Name Change and More— With extensive growth into several other areas of specialty glass manufacturing and fabrication, the company once known as VISTAMATIC has rebranded into Privacy Glass Solutions.  The new name and brand was developed to give the architectural, design, and glazing markets a...

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On: April 12, 2017 In: News Releases

Vistamatic is delighted to work in partnership with The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio (CHOSA) as part of a $135 million, 800,000-square-foot expansion and renovation of their campus, turning the existing adult and pediatric hospital into a dedicated children’s hospital. See more at http://bit.ly/2owMeZA. For this project, we collaborated...

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On: February 24, 2015 In: Magazine Articles

Architects, Engineers and even Interior Designers are focal points for the operational and functional aspect of any space they construct. More importantly when lives are at stake, planning where and how to put life saving equipment can mean life or death. By utilizing these three elements in planning for a...

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On: January 6, 2015 In: Magazine Articles

From the December 2014 Edition of Healthcare Design Magazine A Note from the Editor, Kristin D. Zeit If there’s an overriding theme to the design work we’ve encountered in the U.S. this year [2014], it’s this: “Get your own house in order.” What that comes down to is an...

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On: October 6, 2014 In: Tips and Information

Great efforts are in place to minimize the spread of infection in healthcare environments and the world of healthcare design can help improve these efforts even more. While the healthcare system has made great strides in improving many patient and staff issues over the last 15 years or so, one...

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On: September 18, 2014 In: Tips and Information

Privacy glass as an architectural glass product can be highly beneficial in particular applications for a variety of reasons. Architects and Interior Designers utilize privacy glass in client projects for dual-purpose design to include an aesthetically pleasing product as well as a highly functioning product. Listed below are the top 3 privacy...

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On: September 4, 2014 In: News Releases

Original article is published in Healthcare Design Magazine August 2014 edition by Barbara Horwitz-Bennett. Please visit www.HCDMagazine.com for the original article.  The days of Healthcare Staff locker rooms decked out with mismatched chairs and rickety tables are long gone. Rather, providing a comfortable setting for workers has become a...

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On: August 27, 2014 In: News Releases

ver the course of 15 years or so, the design of healthcare facilities in the United States has undergone a sea of change. Once dominated by double-loaded corridors, drab colors and flat decor, healthcare has now embraced the concept of the “healing environment” and the concept that a more...

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